0190 - Data Ecosystems with Ziv Baida

We are very pleased to have Ziv Baida, business consultant, coach and educator with a long career in technology-centred innovation initiatives.

First, Ziv, begin by telling us a little more about yourself and your career interests...

  • Can you give us an overview of data ecosystems?
  • So how can we create value with unused data?
  • What is the impact on the traditional transactional styles of company-to-company action?
  • Are data ecosystems just for big companies, can small firms benefit too?
  • Is the data, the tools, and the technology available for anyone to benefit?
  • And is there a design angle here? Where do you see design taking place? Or, what is design in the context of data?
  • Talk about the consultancy mindset? Can it work from the inside of a company?
  • How do you approach and manage your engagement with clients?
  • What do I need to be data literate. Do I need to learn to program, to learn statistics?
  • And any last comments?

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for talking with us and sharing your thoughts today.



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