109 Susan Francia – Rowing Olympic Champion

Susan Francia is a 2-time Olympic champion and a 5-time World Champion in rowing. On this episode of the Best in the World, Richard Parr asks Susan if she felt invincible between 2006-12 with all of those achievements? 


Susan talks about how she got started in the sport and how one coach could recognise her Olympic talent right at the start.  


The American reveals which NBA star she inspired with her first gold medal in the women’s eight at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  


Also on the podcast Susan gives her advice to any sports people trying to get sponsorship. Now a coach Susan explains what she knows now and what she looks for when she is identifying new talent.  


All that and more on this episode of the Best in the World with Richard Parr. 


You can follow Susan on instagram @susanfrancia. 


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