110 Tianna Bartoletta – Long Jump & 4x100m Relay Olympic Champion

Tianna Bartoletta is the reigning Olympic Long jump champion. She also has gold medals in the 4x100 metres relay from both the 2012 and 2016 games. 


The 2-time long jump World Champion is our guest on this episode of the Best in the World with Richard Parr. 


Tianna opens up on the podcast regarding the break up her marriage and the reason why she is most proud of the long jump bronze medal she won last year at the World Championships. The American admits that while it is still difficult to talk about she knows she needs to so she can help others.  


Tianna talks about her time competing in bobsled and how it helped her regain her confidence in jumping.  


The Ohio native explains the added expenses she incurs on the road so that she can stay in the best shape possible to compete. Tianna goes further by saying that events can be won in the airport before the competitors even get to the track. 


Richard and Tianna also talk a lot about her writing and her blog which you can read here: https://teamtb.snappages.site/blog 


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