107 Derek Redmond – 4x400m Relay World Champion

It’s one of the most iconic images in the history of the Olympic games.

Derek Redmond, being helped by his father, hobbling to the finish line with a torn hamstring in the semi-finals of the 400 metres at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.  


Derek recalls that incredible story of grit and determination in this episode of the Best in the World with Richard Parr. 


One year earlier, Derek and the British relay team had won gold in the 4x400 metres, surprising the American favourites.  


Derek explains how the late decision to change the order of the line-up played a crucial role in that victory.  


After athletics, Derek played professional basketball and has also competed at a high level in rugby, motorcycling and kickboxing. Derek reveals the transferable skill from athletics that has helped him be successful in these other sports.  


You can learn more about Derek at Derekredmond.com. 


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