EP 396 - Illnesses and the feminism fight with Rosie van Amerongen and Emily Johnson

Just because you're young doesn't mean you're exempt from getting life-altering illnesses. In this episode, Harriet is joined by two badass women who are living with such conditions. Rosie van Amerongen lives with bipolar disorder and found that running was a way that she could manage it. Then, Emily Johnson was diagnosed with arthritis, and it's changed the way that she lives every day. Harriet talks to both women about what it's like to relieve these diagnoses at such a young age and what they've had to change in order to live with them. 

Also in this episode, as a new season of Love Island hits our screens Harriet wonders, has lockdown taken the fight out of feminism. Also, an answer to the age-old question, what do I do when everything has gone wrong?

Presenter: Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter

Guests: Emily Johnson - @arthritisfoodie and Rosie van Amerongen

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Beat Arthritis Naturally, by Emily Johnson

WFH (Working From Home), by Harriet Minter

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