EP393: Internalised Misogyny and the Colour of Motherhood

For those who have experienced it, motherhood is a life-changing event, and everyone's experience of it is vastly different. Harriet is joined by author Pragya Agarwal, whose own experience was strewn with difficulties - from a tainted blood transfusion - to the pressure put on both her and her unborn baby regarding gender. Pragya's book M(other)hood explores how women of colour and women of different socio-economic classes experience motherhood differently.

Also in this episode, are we being misogynistic from the inside? And one listener asks something we've all wondered, how do we know when we're old?

Presenter: Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter

Guest: Pragya Agarwal - @DrPragyaAgarwal

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(M)OTHERHOOD by Pragya Agarwal

WFH (Working From Home), by Harriet Minter

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