EP392 - Kate Winslet and Geek Girls with Holly Smale

Boys and men are routinely diagnosed as autistic more than women and girls, who're often wrongly overlooked. One of those women was this weeks guest Holly Smale. It's only since Holly sold millions of copies of her book Geek Girl did she realise that she and the character in her book were living with autism. Harriet and Holly talk about what led Holly to get this diagnosis and what having it has made her realise about her life.

Also in this episode, are we really still talking about Kate Winslet's body, and in the papers to boot? And one listener is concerned that her friends don't like her partner.

Presenter: Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter

Guest: Holly Smale - @HolSmale

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Geek Girl, by Holly Smale

WFH (Working From Home), by Harriet Minter

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