Ep 328: How To Have A Happy Vagina with Mika Simmons

What is the key to having a very happy vagina? Find out in this weeks extra bits.

This week the Badass ladies welcome back friend of the show, Mika Simmons.

Mika founded The Lady Garden after she lost her mother to ovarian cancer, she describes her mother as a trailblazer and a strong feminist, so it saddened her to think that her mother didn't know the symptoms of a gynaecological cancer. The Lady Garden is a foundation aiming to change the way we talk about female health, to educate women and men on types of cancer that are harder to diagnose and Mika says "Even though women’s health has improved a lot the symptoms are not often spoken about".

And the ladies talk all things Happy Vaginas, Mika is the host of The Happy Vagina podcast where she and her array of guests talk about

championing women’s bodies, our esteem around our bodies, sex and of course, vaginas!

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