TikTok Food Trends (the best and worst) | Dietitian Chloe McLeod

Custard toast. Pesto eggs. Proffee – that’s mixing protein shake with your coffee, by the way. These days we’ve got TikTok to thank for some of the biggest food and nutrition trends – from the weird and wonderful to the ones worth avoiding altogether. But, how can you work out which to try and which to swerve? Good question – and the reason we asked a top nutrition expert to join us on the podcast this week. The founder of Verde Nutrition Co, Chloe McLeod is an Advanced Sports Dietitian and Accredited Practising Dietitian who specialises in gut health, food intolerance and sports nutrition. She joins our Commissioning Editor Alex Davies to go through some of the biggest foodie trends on social media – including one that Lizzo loves – and how to make them work for you.  


Find Chloe on Instagram @chloe_mcleod_dietitian and www.chloemcleod.com as well as @verdenutritionco and www.verdenutrition.co


This podcast was hosted by WH commissioning editor Alex Davies (https://www.instagram.com/adavies234/) and produced by WH editor-in-chief Lizza Gebilagin (https://instagram.com/lizza_marie/)

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