Francesca Hung | On Identity, Cold Showers And Finding Happiness In Your Own Skin

Before interviewing Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet, making history as the first woman of Asian descent to be crowned Miss Universe Australia, or becoming a beauty ambassador for Swisse, Francesca Hung struggled with her identity. ⁠

For a long time, her mental health was affected by not feeling like she truly belonged, like she was in "no man's land" as she didn't look "typically Australian" while also being disconnected from her Asian heritage. It's a feeling many first-gen Aussies will relate to but one that's not often spoken about or the affect it's had on mental health. It's why she's sharing her story so openly. In this episode, Francesca talks about how she made peace with her identity, the impact of exercise (and cold showers) on her wellbeing and why true beauty and wellness comes from within.


This podcast was hosted and produced by WH editor-in-chief Lizza Gebilagin with additional sound editing by Jess Campbell.

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