World Champion Surfer Stephanie Gilmore on Chasing Dreams

When we speak with Stephanie Gilmore, she’s in Texas and just back from a 6am session practising aerial manoeuvres at a wave pool out there. That’s the thing about this seven-time world champion surfer: she never wants to stop learning, improving and having fun on her board – of which she has at least 60 by the way! 

The ocean is her happy place, after all, and surfing was her very first love – as she tells WH Commissioning Editor Alex Davies, it was the first thing she’d think about in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep. It’s this passion that’s seen her become one of the greatest and most iconic surfers of all time.

In this chat, Stephanie opens up about chasing that record eighth world title, her wellbeing non-negotiables, what we can all do to look after the ocean, and the magic of your discomfort zone.

Plus, the Roxy athlete gives her verdict on everyone’s favourite noughties surf movie Blue Crush. No, we’re not geeking out, you are. Let’s dive in…



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Stephanie Gilmore poised to pass Layne Beachley and become women’s surfing ‘GOAT’ at Lower Trestles – The Guardian


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