Coping With Omicron Anxiety

Just as we were cautiously opening up to the idea that our worlds were opening up again as we learnt to live with COVID-19, Omicron has crashed the party-that-just-got-started and has overtaken the news and our social feeds and our conversations. Cases are surging. Records are being smashed – and not in a cool, sports-kind-of-way. There’s also talk about whether lockdowns might be on the cards again.

It is anxiety-inducing.

If you’re feeling that too, We’ve dug out an interview with clinical psychologist and CEO of Smiling Mind, Dr Addie Wooten. We spoke to her when the pandemic first broke out for an episode called Your Head Needs A Break From Bad News. and her advice was great back then and works just as well now. Here she talks about how we can stay informed but why it’s also worth focusing on the good things in life for the sake of our mental health.


Your Head Needs A Break From Bad News episode

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With special thanks to: Dr Addie Wooten of Smiling Mind

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