Preventing Overshoot Day

We’re living as if we had 1.75 planets to work from. Our ecosystems can’t regenerate in line with the amount of resources we’re using. So, how do we change that and create truly circular societies. In this podcast, we put the focus on what cities can do to stop ‘overshoot day.’


In this podcast, the Stockholm Resilience Centre is calling on cities and countries to appoint Chief Engineers to put together the best engineering and design minds together with the finance community to speed up the transformation. We hear from the city of Glasgow, the UN17 village in Copenhagen and also hear about how Turku in Finland has found a way to ensure collaboration across the city thanks to support from ICLEI, a global network of local governments working towards sustainability. 

Episode guest apperances

  • Andreas Gyllenhammar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sweco
  • Owen Gaffney, Director of International Media and Strategy, Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • Marion Guenard, Senior Officer, Circular Development, ICLEI
  • Alison McRae, Senior Director, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
  • Martin Schultz-Nielsen, Investment Director, NREP
  • Amanda Borneke, Circular economy specialist, Sweco
  • Colm O’Callaghan, moderator, Brid Agency


About the Urban Insight podcast

The Urban Insight mission is to share solutions for future city planning and initiate a dialogue about sustainable urban development. Since 2018, Sweco’s Urban Insight initiative has reached more than 31 million people through news, press and media.


During 2022, the Urban Insight podcast will focus on circularity and the key role of cities in achieving this.

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