Trailer: Harry Stafford

Trailer for the soon-to-be-released episode two of United Through Time - the popular new podcast delving into Manchester United's long and famous history.

Episode two looks at Harry Stafford, the man who without whom Manchester United would not exist today. A railway man, a son of a hatter, a pub landlord, a hotel owner, a distinguished full-back, a disgraced footballer, the saviour of a club.

This is a man who is not remembered in a statue outside Old Trafford but who, along with his St Bernard dog, is responsible for the very existence of Manchester United. This is the story of Harry Stafford, an Edwardian man who wore a white top hat and loved the spotlight but who boarded a boat to the USA after telling everyone he was going to live in Australia.

Episode two of United Through Time will be released in mid-December and will be available on iTunes, Spotify and acast. It will be hosted and produced by Harry Robinson with guests Ean Gardiner and Gary James.

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