Part Two: Charlie Roberts

United Through Time looks at Charlie Roberts - the first Manchester United captain to lift a league title.

The Darlington-born centre half-back was a footballing pioneer. His style of play on the pitch paved the way for future generations and a new tactical system in football. Off the pitch, he was a key member in the creation of the Players' Union, the predecessor to the PFA.

Charlie's impact on football is perhaps greater than any of the other figures to be discussed on this podcast so far. This is his story for United Through Time, the new podcast delving into Manchester United’s long and famous history. Going in chronological order, United Through Time will focus on the most important individuals at the club since Manchester United was founded as Newton Heath in 1878.

Hosted by Harry Robinson, five guests are heard on this episode as United Through Time covers far more than just football. It’s a three-part episode with each part lasting around 50 minutes.

Guest One: Ted Roberts – the grandson of Charlie Roberts.

Guest Two: Paddy Barclay – the esteemed Scottish author and football journalist who acted as biographer for Sir Matt Busby, Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho.

Guest Three: Gary James – one of the definitive authorities on Manchester’s football history. His latest book ‘The Emergence of Footballing Cultures in Manchester: 1840-1919’ is a groundbreaking piece of work published by Manchester University Press. It’s available to buy now and is a must-read.

Guest Four: Mark Metcalf – the esteemed football history author who wrote ‘Manchester United 1907-1911, the First Halcyon Years’. You can buy it from Amazon here.

Guest Five: Richard Butler – a football journalist who started a campaign in 2015 to get greater recognition for Charlie in his hometown of Darlington.

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