Runaway Joe: Trailer

In 1967, an Irish-American escaped custody on a charge of murdering his wife in upstate New York. Almost 60 years later, Joseph “Joe” Maloney remains one of the oldest unsolved cases in the FBI’s books. Joe lived large in Ireland for 20 years, before escaping again. Can he finally be found? We believe we’ve come closer than anyone – even the FBI – to discovering what happened him… A new multi-episodic series from RTÉ Documentary On One in Ireland. Starts January 19th 2024. Credits: Runaway Joe is written, reported and produced by Pavel Barter and Tim Desmond. Research by Nicoline Greer. Original music soundtrack by Martin Klusák and Tomáš Borl. Sound designer is Peadar Carney and the executive producer is Liam O’Brien. Marketing is by Roisin Clune and Hilary O'Callaghan. Press and Publicity by Jilly McDonough. The designer is Loren Gibbon. Social Media by Bree Tracey. Audio Product Support by Nigel Wheatley. Additional editorial content by Anna Joyce. Contact us Episodes released weekly, each Friday.

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