Runaway Joe: 02 - June and Joe

We travel to Rochester, New York, back to the beginning, to find out where this story really starts. What we find is a young girl who grew into a woman, living her dream and looking for true love. And a young boy who liked to talk with an Irish accent who grew into a man but never really grew up. Love blossomed between them. But then control kicked in. And what began as a whirlwind love story spirals into a hellish nightmare. This was never going to end well. (Ep 2/9)

Credits: Runaway Joe is written, reported and produced by Pavel Barter and Tim Desmond. Research by Nicoline Greer. Original music soundtrack by Martin Klusák and Tomáš Borl. Sound designer is Peadar Carney and the executive producer is Liam O'Brien. Press and Publicity by Jilly McDonough. Promo Producer is Damien Reid. Marketing by Roísín Clune and Hilary O'Callaghan. The designer is Loren Gibbons. Graphics by Amy Gilsenan. Social Media by Bree Treacy. Audio Product Support by Nigel Wheatley. With online supporting content from Anna Joyce. Contact us Episodes released weekly, on Fridays.

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