Overcome Addiction Through Gratitude with Bracha Goetz | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #059

In this episode of The Matt Feret Show I interview Bracha Goetz, a published children’s book author and gratitude champion. We discuss her experience with overcoming food addiction and achieving life fulfillment through gratitude and spirituality. She shares her concept of a "pleasure ladder," a framework in which levels of pleasure, love, creativity, and transcendence can be experienced through gratitude. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Introduction by Matt Feret [1:08]

Bracha Goetz’s Story with Food Addiction [4:39]

Bracha Goetz’s Perspective on Addiction [16:31]

Bracha Goetz on the Power of Gratitude [29:24]

Bracha Goetz on Gratitude vs. Intentional Dieting [34:45]

Final Thoughts and Conclusion by Matt Feret [37:20]

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