How to Travel Solo: Advice and Safety with Travel Advisor Alyssa Johnson | The Matt Feret Show Podcast | #054

Welcome back, everyone! In this week's episode of The Matt Feret Show, I sit down with travel advisor Alyssa Johnson to discuss solo travel. Alyssa is an experienced solo traveler and shared some helpful tips on how to stay informed, healthy, and safe while traveling. We discuss how solo travel can be intimidating, especially for women, and how to keep yourself and your belongings safe. She describes how to ease your way into solo travel and the benefits of attending planned trips that combine group touring with solo exploration. We also discuss the necessity of travel insurance and commonly overlooked items that could be helpful to pack on your next trip. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

1:09 - Introduction

2:02 - How to navigate solo travel

12:40 - Benefits of solo travel

27:19 - Solo travel and safety

35:30 - Travel insurance and packing tips

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