#46: Gender Wage Gap in Ireland - Dr. Karina Doorley (ESRI) & Prof. Donal O'Neill (Maynooth University)

Welcome to a new set of episodes put together in conjunction with the Irish Society for Women in Economics (ISWE).

In this first episode we discuss the gender wage gap in Ireland. I am joined by Karina Doorley of the ESRI and Donal O’Neill of Maynooth University. Both have looked at various aspects of the participation of women in the Irish workforce and also the differences in wages and earnings between men and women. Karina has charted the evolution of the gender pay gap in Ireland, while Donal and colleagues at Maynooth - Aedín Doris and Olive Sweetman - have explored the evolution of earnings after childbirth. We discuss these issues and more in this episode.

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