#40: Cryptocurrency II: Bubble? Fraud? Dr. William Quinn (QUB)

This is our second episode on cryptocurrencies. I am joined by Dr. William Quinn, lecturer in finance at Queen's University Belfast. Will, along with his colleague Prof. John Turner, are experts when it comes to financial bubbles. Having observed crypto price dynamics that mimic a bubble, I invited Will along to give his views on whether cryptocurrency is indeed a financial bubble. 

When preparing for the chat, Will shared his recent lecture materials with me on how cryptocurrencies display many traits of financial fraud. We discuss the various types of fraud and how crypto dynamics fit these narratives. We also discuss the NFTs and tether - which is a stable coin and some of the dynamics that they introduce seem to go against many of the ideologies underpinning crypto currencies. 

Will holds the coveted position of being the first repeat guest on the podcast and also the guest to feature on our 40th episode! Thanks everyone for the support so far. If you've enjoyed the podcast, please give us a 5* review on apple podcasts to help bring in new listeners.

If you want to learn more about bubbles, check out Will's book (co-authored with Prof. John Turner) on a history of financial bubbles


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