Episode 6 - Fabio & Grooverider

In episode six of The Art of Rave Becky and Fabio & Grooverider cover a wide range of topics, including: the racism that persists in nightclub scenes around the UK; what it was like growing up among soundsystem culture in south London; why dance music (and their careers) owes its existence to pirate radio; their thirteen year residency on Radio One; the resurgence of illegal raves in the era of Covid-19; the early days of RAGE, and how it evolved into the experimental space that birthed jungle; the countries where drum'n'bass is experiencing a revival today, and why the genre continues to endure, always feeling fresh and captivating the underground decade after decade. 


Each of Becky’s guests will be bringing along three records that mean or say something to them, whether that’s because they’re by an artist that influenced them, remind them of a specific place or time, or feature a beat that changed them. Meanwhile Becky will be bringing along one of their records that defines why she has handpicked them as a guest for the series.

Listen to Becky Hill: https://beckyhill.lnk.to/HeavenOnMyMindTW

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