Episode 5 - Sister Bliss (Faithless)

In episode five of The Art of Rave Becky and Sister Bliss cover a wide range of topics, including: Faithless’ upcoming album release; raving and illegal raves both now and back in the day; working, creating and parenting during lockdown; the essentiality of performing live; on being a woman in the music industry and on the dance music scene; how Bliss’ love affair with electronic music began and how she got together with Rollo and Maxi; the early days of Faithless and their debt to Donna Summer, Pete Tong and Leftfield; and Bliss’ aspirations to be like Prince when she was younger.


As with all Becky’s guests on The Art of Rave, Sister Bliss brings along three records that mean or say something to him, whether that’s because they’re by an artist that influenced him, remind him of a specific place or time, or feature a beat that defined his sound. These records are: ‘Open Up’ by Leftfield; ‘Windpower’ by Thomas Dolby; and ‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer.


Meanwhile, Becky selects the record that exemplifies why she handpicked Sister Bliss as a guest for the series: ‘Insomnia’ by Faithless.

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