Episode 21: Gina Martin

Gina Martin is an activist, writer and law changer. After a horrific experience at a music festival where a man took photos up her skirt with his phone in broad daylight without legal consequence, instead of brushing it off, Gina made the decision to act. With the help and support of her lawyer Ryan Whelan, Gina campaigned tirelessly for 18 months to have the law passed to make up-skirting illegal.  Gina doesn’t fit into the typical conservative expectations of a law maker. She hasn’t worked in politics or as a legal practitioner, but through education and steely perseverance she achieved what is made to seem impossible. Her first book - Be the Change: A Toolkit for the Activist in You - was published in June 2019, and she was recently announced as a UN campaign advocate and one of Time magazine’s most influential people.




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