Brandon Starc - Olympic High Jumper

This weeks guest on Sound Mind, Sound Body Stories is a guy whose family is sporty, properly sporty.His brother plays international cricket and so does his sister in law. His fiancé was also an athlete and how they met is a great story.  This elite athlete is one of the nicest and most down to earth people you could hope to meet.Brandon Starc is a Commonwealth Games gold medalist. He is currently training for his second Olympic games in Tokyo this year.
We had a great chat when he came into the studio and we were so inspired by his attitude towards being consistent and by his commitment to his sport not to mention his ballet skills. He also is a dog person and finds hanging out with his dog great therapy.
We will be keeping track of Brandon and his journey at the Olympics on our FB page as well as on his socials. Check out his Instagram @bstarc and go to his website to check out his photography.

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