Jess Stenson - Olympic Marathon Runner

The story of ASICS begins with a simple belief: That a run is more than a workout. That a match is more than a competition. That sport is more than a game.​It’s the belief that every time we push our bodies, sweat, and run out of breath—we get happier. And that no matter what, we can find light if we choose to move.​Every day is a fresh start. Lace up your shoes and go meet it.​

Each athlete has a story to tell about how they work to achieve balance in their lives and what helps them to keep a sound mind as well as a sound body.

This week Teigan speaks to an athlete who grew up in a small country town. Jess Stenson, (Nee Trengove) is a long distance runner who has some pretty impressive credentials. 2 Olympic Games and 2 Commonwealth Games medals in the marathon. Jess is an athlete who has continued to train and compete despite the challenges of recently becoming a mother. Jess has had her fair share of disappointment and bad luck. She was due to be going to her third Olympic games in Tokyo this year but injury has put paid to that dream. Nonetheless Jess remains stoic and philosophical and we talk strategy and how she keeps a sound mind in a sound body whilst juggling motherhood and training.

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