So I Start A Revolution From My Bed

Most of us will now have some idea of what it's like to be isolated and cut off from the outside world, so what can we do to keep grounded? I'm Jason, I've been largely housebound for most of my life, but it's ok, I think I've managed to find some personal coping mechanisms along the way, so let's have a chat about what we can do within the confines of four walls to keep mental health ticking along.

I'll be talking to comedians, people from the disability world, musicians, authors, and whoever fancies a chat about how they use 'mindfulness' and their own coping strategies. So, for example, let's talk about:

Favourite comfort films, a live event that may be looked forward to, the place you'd walk in your mind to escape, and if you're making your own smelly candle, what would go into that? There's a lot of questions to get through, and we'll be getting some very unique - and personal insights - into how people unwind and relax. Let's get snuggly; this should be fun!


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