The Pilot - Let's Explain This!

What's this podcast all about then? Join me, Jason, as I sit down and talk to my long-suffering partner, Sarah, as I explain the questions and logic behind So I Start A Revolution From My Bed...

Having spent over thirty years predominantly housebound, I believe I've done ok in keeping myself grounded, so I've formulated some interesting questions to ask guests as we delve into the private lives of our interesting guests. To start with I'm going to ask myself and my partner these questions, answer them, and also explain the reasons behind them. For example: Favourite comfort film, favourite comfort boxset? Also questions such as your favourite visitor attraction? A live event that you may look forward to? A comedian that instantly makes you giggle? If you were to make your own smelly candle, what scents would go into it?

If I'm honest, it's also a way of being really nosy and on upcoming episodes we'll be able to get an unprecedented insight into the personal lives of public figures, comedians, authors, and those from the disability world.

So I Start A Revolution From My Bed is also produced in efforts to raise awareness to mental health, and we're supporting Calm Zone. If you need any help, please see their helpline, and if you're able to, please help us by donating to the great cause.


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