Richard Hogan : Anxiety in kids and teenagers

Topics covered : Overcorrection, parenthood, perfectionism, overwhelm, labelling, resilience, smart phones, porn, the importance of setting boundaries.

Originally from Douglas in Cork, psychotherapist Richard Hogan lives in Dublin with his wife and their 3 daughters.

He writes a weekly column with the Irish Examiner and often appears on TV and Radio and he specialises in working with families.

He’s also written two books ‘ Parenting the screenager’ and ‘Home is where the start is’ and during this conversation he talks about anxiety in kids and teenagers, the importance of building resilience in our kids, the impact of mobile phones and the prevalence of porn use and how that is affecting the lives of young people. 

He covered so much and as always, I learnt so much by listening to him, especially on the importance of asking your kid questions.

If you found this conversation useful, I recommend you check out Richard's previous episode from last summer, if you haven’t heard it already.

And he’ll be back again soon, next time with a totally different topic.

Richard is pushing for legislation around pornographic material and limiting access to children which is the unfortunate current reality.

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