Richard Hogan : Affairs

Topics covered : Betrayal, heartbreak, breakdown, trust, prevention, repair, connection, healing. 

Originally from Douglas in Cork, psychotherapist Richard Hogan lives in Dublin with his wife and their 3 daughters.

He writes a weekly column with the Irish Examiner and often appears on TV and radio and he specialises in working with families.

He’s also written two brilliant books ‘Parenting the screenager’ and ‘Home is where the start is’ and during this conversation he talks about affairs.

Why people have them, the heartbreaking impact of them on a relationship and if it’s possible to heal after betrayal.

If you connected with Richard during this conversation, you can check out his previous episodes from last summer and the one he recorded earlier this year about anxiety, especially in kids and teenagers.

Book mention : ‘The 5 love languages’ by Gary Chapman

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