Mark Fennell : Breakthrough

Topics covered : Fear, regret, fertility journey, acceptance, career change, anxiety, toxic positivity, triggers, comparisons, peak performance.

Life coach Mark Fennell is back on the pod!

Mark is married to Fiona and has spent over 20 years helping people through his coaching business.

His online following has grown massively over the past few years too and on Instagram, he currently has 160K followers and is known for his video content.

We last spoke over 2 years ago and his episodes are still hugely popular with listeners.

In this conversation, he talks about his brand new book ‘Breakthrough - practical steps for moving from stuck to unstoppable’.

Mark is speaking of his own experience in this episode and is certainly not advising not going to therapy.

If you're struggling, reach out and speak to a professional.


Book ‘Man's search for meaning’ by Viktor Frankl

Men in Black movie reference : Neuralyzer

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