Mark Boyle : The Moneyless Man

Topics covered : Living without money, social media/technology, sustainability, being in flow, climate change, economy, marketing, community, vasectomy and toilets!


Originally from Donegal, Mark made a life changing decision to give up money entirely in 2008 and he lived completely without it for 3 years.

He's the author of four books including ‘The Moneyless Man’ and ‘The Way Home; Tales from a Life without technology’.

And this conversation is a fascinating insight into his life and the reasons why he decided on such a radical life change.

We talk about living sustainability and in tune with the seasons and why he decided to get a vasectomy when he was only 30!

It's an episode that will make you think about your own life and perhaps encourage us all, to make some positive changes.

Book mention -

‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein

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