Enda McNulty : Born to lead

Topics covered : Authenticity, vulnerability, hard work, leadership, purpose, reflection, communication, effort, preparation, emotional intelligence, true success, meditation, trust, re-invention, mental health, responding instead of reacting, self-care.

In this episode I speak to high performance coach and author Enda McNulty.

Enda is married to Julia and they live in Dublin and when he played football for Armagh, he won an All-Ireland medal and an All-star Award.

Now he’s regarded as one of the top performance coaches and leadership experts in the country having worked with a who’s who of business and sporting leaders over the past 25 years.

His second book ‘Commit 2 Lead’ is out now and in this conversation he talks about finding true success in life and how to become a leader; the power of re-invention…and how he and his family used to holiday in my home village of Spiddal in Connemara.

I took a lot away from this episode and I hope you will too.

Other book recommendation – ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ by W. Timothy Gallwey

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