Deborah Somorin : Still I Rise

Topics covered : parental separation, abandonment, depression, violence, racism, homelessness, shame, teenage pregnancy, suicide, grief, independence, support, resilience, representation, forgiveness, compassion.

In this episode I speak to the phenomenal Deborah Somorin.

Deborah, or Debbie as she’s better known as, has experienced so much in her life; she was in and out of care homes from a very young age, at 13 she became homeless and at 14 she found out she was pregnant.  

In this conversation we hear about the complicated relationship she had with her mother and the reality of years spent in care in Ireland. But we also hear about the people who helped her along the way to achieve more in her life than she ever knew was possible.

Today she’s a management consultant, a qualified chartered accountant and the founder of ‘Empower the Family Ireland’, a charity that helps single parents further their education and she’s also mother to Liam, who’s now 13.

She’s just released two books, her memoir ‘Believing in Me’ and her children’s book ‘I Believe in You’.

Resources :


Samaritans Ireland

Books : Deborah Somorin – ‘Believing in Me’ and ‘I Believe in You’

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