Bonnie Boux : Dance yourself free

Topics covered : Boundaries, burlesque, reclaiming the past, safety, art, nature, balance, grounding, facing fears, sensuality, purpose, movement meditation, hypermobility, fibromyalgia, selfcare.

In this episode I speak to dancer and choreographer, event organiser and producer and recently wedding celebrant, the brilliant Bonnie Boux.

Bonnie is a nature lover who lives in Waterford and in this conversation she tells us how dance was a big part of her healing journey, she talks about her path to Burlesque, being a wedding celebrant and how she doesn’t let a chronic health condition hold her back.

She’s one of a kind and I was thrilled to connect with her.

You can catch Bonnie as part of Jenny Keane’s tour this September and her own show happening in Waterford on Valentine’s day, is one not to be missed!

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