Asking the Right Questions on Your Polls with Everest Communications' Peter Shafer

In This Episode…

We talk with Peter Shafer about the polling industry. We talk about asking the right questions, the fallout from the 2016 elections and the polling industry, what question annoys Peter, and the future of the polling industry.

Show Notes

•[00:56] Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

•[01:28] Can you summarize your expertise?

•[02:42] How PR pros use data effectively?

•[05:13] How do you get the most out of polling when people have a tendency to lie?

•[07:59] Could you use Twitter Polls?

•[09:39] By using Twitter polls, could PR pros figure out what polls to use?

•[11:51] Should polling get more niche?

•[14:00] Do you think having anonymity helps get better answers?

•[16:40] How can PR pros use polls to create content?

•[18:36] When your company has a mistrust issue with the public, how do you get the best results?

•[23:13] What is the future of data collection?

•[27:59] Fun question: What poll question of poll fundamentals would you like to change?

•[30:49] Final thoughts

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

Peter Shafer was our guest today. Learn more about Everest Communications.

Episode Length: 32:17

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