Life Is Like A Box Of Records

Welcome to Podcart’s life is like a box of records podcast. My name is Halina Rifai. Occasionally we bring in special guests to talk about the songs that have soundtracked their lives so far. For rights reasons, music might be shorted than the original song. 

Original music is by Good Dog aka Susan Bear. 

This week’s guest is Neil Anderson. Neil has been working with Biffy Clyro since he was 18 and is now their tour manager. Neil is a man who lives and breathes music like many others and his passion for Biffy is unrelenting and completely infectious. 

Neil also selects music. His tracklisting is: 

Weezer: The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

Ben Folds Five: Evaporated

Biffy Clyro: In The Name Of The Wee Man

Sarah Harmer: lodestar 

Sigur Ros: Untitled 4

Arcade Fire: Wake Up

Frightened Rabbit: The Oil Slick

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