Life Is Like A Box Of Records

Welcome to Podcart’s life is like a box of records podcast. My name is Halina Rifai. Occasionally we bring in special guests to talk about the songs that have soundtracked their lives so far. For rights reasons, music might be shorted than the original song. This week’s guest is Vic Galloway. Vic is DJ, presenter, musician and writer. He has been a longtime broadcaster on the BBC helping numerous bands reach a significant audience. His book Songs in the Key of Fife showed yet another dimension to his numerous talents. He has also recently emerged as part of terrific Edinburgh music trio Check Masses. It’s his knowledge and investment in music however that cements him as a complete inspiration and one that Scotland continues to recognise. Vic also selects music. His tracklisting is: Little Richard: Tutti FruttiAdam & The Ants: AntmusicThe Damned: New RoseNirvana: SliverFranz Ferdinand: Take Me OutThe Beta Band: Dry The RainIrma Thomas: It’s RainingOriginal music is by Susan Bear aka Good Dog. 

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