Young Up: Aspirational Bragging Rights

What does it mean to stay "young"? What does it mean to become "old" before your time? Is age chronological, or is it a state of mind? Is aging inevitable? Or is it a conscious choice, one informed by our sense of what’s possible and by the premium we put on unmitigated joy?

In “Young Up,” we’re let in on the secret to turning back the clock, thanks to three ageless women who’ve followed their hearts to extraordinary second acts: Kittie Weston-Knauer, a retired school principal and oldest female BMX racer in the U.S.; The Grindmother, a 69-year-old grindcore singer who counts Ozzy Osbourne among her fans; and Greta Pontarelli, who became the world’s oldest international pole-dancing champion after discovering her beloved hobby at age 59. With a dash of priceless wisdom from 8-year-old Anabel Dixon Lee and 9-year-old Scarlett Day, this episode also features social-science writer Bruce Grierson, who explains how our ideas about our own potential and limitations undeniably influence the rate at which we age.

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