Lost Dreams: The Neutral Cruelty of Hope

How do we regain hope when our dreams end in ruin? In “Lost Dreams,” we hear the stories of three people who followed their deepest passion and endured devastation: Perdita Felicien, a world-champion hurdler who was favored to win gold at the 2004 Olympics, then tripped and fell in what would be her last-ever appearance on the Olympic track; Dylan Evans, an esteemed psychologist who abandoned his academic career to build a utopian community in the Scottish Highlands, only to see that community unravel and find himself detained in a psychiatric hospital; and Sara Brooke Curtis, a mother whose first child died at just three-days-old and who now readies herself for the birth of her second baby. With a generous and spellbinding candor, each guest details the thrill of nearly realizing their dreams, the heartbreak of loss, and the newfound courage that’s transformed their understanding of fear.

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