Dr Ranj Singh

The Magic Ingredient has a slightly different flavour this week, as we’re all still stuck inside. But even though they can’t all be together in the kitchen, Kay and Kate are still whipping up a delicious meal for this week’s special guest Dr Ranj! Ranj is a television presenter, author, columnist, resident medic on This Morning and a Strictly mover and shaker. As a trained doctor he’s spending most of his time in hospital helping with the coronavirus crisis, but he found some time to chat about healthy eating during lockdown, his love of cake, childhood food memories and the unusual thing that he loves to put on his chips! Ranj also answers questions from the Pinch of Nom audience, while the Magic Ingredient he brought in led to plenty of giggling (you’ll know why when you hear what it is). For a selection of quick and easy Nom recipes and to submit your questions to the girls, visit pinchofnom.com/recipes/imam-bayildi

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