Parenting Refreshed - War

In today’s episode, we speak to two mothers about their experiences of war and conflict. Svitlana Royz is a Ukrainian psychologist based just outside of Kyiv, who lives with her daughter, her parents and their cat. Her son was out fighting as the Russians were bombing the power stations nearby. On the morning of the recording, her daughter had already been woken by the bombs, and her son hadn’t been in touch to say he was okay. She’s talking to Arifa Omid, an Afghan mother of two boys and a newborn baby girl who had to flee Afghanistan when the Taliban took power in 2021. They fled to Pakistan, but she returned to Kabul without her family. Together, they discuss how to maintain their daily routines in war zones (including education and playtime), how they talk to their children about the world immediately around them and methods for coping in extreme situations.

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