Parenting Refreshed - Education

What does it mean that online learning is now so vast? How do those without the internet keep up? Will the multiverse give us the ability to learn more quickly? Dr. Pia Britto has a PHD in child development and has dedicated her research to creating policies which help the lives of children and families around the world. She’s internationally renowned for her scientific work on young children's early literacy development and has explored innovative approaches to improving school readiness in children. She’s joined by Dr. Jennifer Kotler Clarke, Research and Content Strategy Manager at Google Kids & Families, who has been studying the effects of media and technology on families for 25 years, helping to develop online digital tools to aid and improve access to good quality learning. They discuss the disruption to education since the start of the pandemic, the safety aspects in place for online learning, inspiring children and parents to learn online together and where technology, teachers, and education goes to next. 

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