Wedding Food and Drink 101

On episode 51 of The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast, we're going deep on a wedding-planning topic that almost every couple tells us is a top priority - the food and the drinks! Planning your wedding menu can be a real challenge - many couples aren't sure whether to take inspiration from their personal favourites or stick to crowd-pleasers, and then there are dietary requirements, wine allocations and late-night food offerings to think about! To tackle these questions and more, we're joined by Andrew Rudd, the executive chef and owner of Dublin venue Medley, who also looks after weddings and events at Ballintubbert House and Gardens in Co. Laois. As well as sharing lots of mouth-watering wedding food ideas, he's giving us a crash course on the world of wedding catering. Enjoy!

Episode Breakdown: Wedding Food and Drink 101

Wedding tip: Celina's tip this week is to keep your wedding cake design simple! If you're having a cake topper, ask your baker to focus the decoration on the lower layers of the cake, and remember that laser-cut cake toppers work better when they've got a long stem!

Main topic: This week, we're talking wedding food and drink, covering such diverse topics as how to design the ultimate wedding feast, where to cut the budget, and how much wine to allocate per guest. Joining us in the studio is private chef and food writer Andrew Rudd of Irish venues Medley and Ballintubbert House and Gardens, who shares some of his favourite wedding food ideas, and answers lots and lots of our listeners' questions. Be sure to grab a snack before you hit play, because this episode makes for hungry listening!

Wedding dilemma: A listener writes, “I was wondering if you'd have any advice for me - I'm getting married abroad later in the year. I was quoted crazy money for hair and makeup over there, so I decided to ask my hairdresser and makeup artist from home to come, as covering her flights, accommodation and fee is still less than the quotes I got. I'm meeting her next week to discuss details and just want to be as prepared as possible. What would you think needs to be covered and paid for by us? And I don't want to have a legal contract with solicitors but I do want some sort of agreement so that I know I can depend on her - would you have any advice on this? ” Our advice for this listener is to expect to pay for flights, accommodation, transport and meals, and potentially extra checked luggage, but to discuss this with your hairstylist and makeup artist well in advance, and to follow up any conversations in writing by email.

Something to do when you're not planning your wedding: In this episode, Celina's raving about essential oils!

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