How to Have a Laid-Back Wedding

In episode 46 of The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast, we're talking about how to create a relaxed, fun and informal atmosphere on the big day. Most couples will say that this is a top priority for their wedding, but there's very little information out there about how to actually make it happen, which is where your humble podcast hosts come in! We've put together some indispensable advice for creating a laid-back wedding, including tips on getting guests mingling, setting the right tone, figuring out which formalities to ditch, and, crucially, ensuring that you and your partner are relaxed on the day itself!

Episode Breakdown: How to Have a Laid-Back Wedding

Wedding tip: Claire's tip this week is to fill up that space at the front of the ceremony venue! For guests, this means not being afraid to nab a prime spot. For couples, it means asking a wedding party member to help manage the flow of guests into the space.

Main topic: This week, we're presenting our top tips for creating a fun, laid-back wedding, something that, contrary to popular belief, actually takes quite a lot of thought and careful planning to achieve! From creating the perfect balance across the guest list, to ensuring that each guest knows exactly where they're supposed to be (and when!), there are plenty of ways to informalise your wedding celebration, so this episode really is a must-listen!

Wedding dilemma: A listener writes, “I’m having two bridesmaids, my sister who lives abroad, and my best friend. My partner has two brothers so this matches nicely. But my best friend has just found out she is pregnant, and due to give birth on my wedding day. She's said she will still be at the hen (when she's eight months' pregnant!) but likely not the wedding day, but that she might get a coordinating dress in case she can make it. What should I do now? I have another close friend who I could ask to step in but I would need to discuss this with my best friend and wait until she's ready to announce the pregnancy. While it would be nice to give my best friend the option of choosing to be bridesmaid or not, I think it will lead to extra expenses, and we had planned to keep the wedding party small for this reason. Also, while I love my sister dearly, she can be challenging at times and another bridesmaid would make a great buffer on the morning of the wedding. My fiance is worried that I'll arrive to the church stressed and worked up if it's just me, my sister and my mom. And for my sister to plan my hen party from abroad on her own would be difficult. I’m also wondering how my other friend will take being the second choice bridesmaid if I do ask her to step in. My question is, how can I accommodate my friend who’s pregnant, but also get the support I need on the day?” Our advice for this listener is to keep your best friend on board, and ask your other friend to join the wedding party. This might mean shouldering a few extra costs, but it'll be worth it to preserve your relationship with your best friend and guarantee you'll get the support that you need on the day.

Something to do when you're not planning your wedding: In this episode, Claire's recommending the 1 Second Everyday App.

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