Help! I Think My Friend is Marrying the Wrong Person

It's a situation that nobody wants to find themselves in, but in episode three of the One Fab Day Wedding Podcast, we discuss what to do when you've got reservations about your friend's future spouse. To help us unpack this exceedingly hairy issue, we recruited the help of Léa Rose Emery, freelance journalist and host of the Money Sex Power podcast. She wrote about the subject at length in her Cosmopolitan article, titled 5 Things to Consider if you Think your Friend is Marrying the 'Wrong' Person, so she's the ideal person to help us figure out when to speak up, and when to hold your tongue.

Episode Breakdown: Episode 5 - Help! I Think My Friend is Marrying the Wrong Person

Wedding tip: We share our tips for approaching wedding suppliers who you think might be out of your price range.

Main topic: With the help of freelance journalist Léa Rose Emery, we attempt to solve the ultimate wedding-related quandary; what to do if you don't like your friend's future spouse!

Wedding dilemma: A bride writes, "This might seem like a silly question, but how do you pee in your wedding dress? I have a mermaid-style wedding dress with buttons the whole way down the back and it’s fitted below my knee. Will I have to take the whole thing off every time." Our advice this week relies heavily on button hooks and pee partners.

Something to do when you're not planning your wedding: Celina attempts to convince Claire of the merits of reading cookbooks in bed.

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