Wisdom Wednesday with Anoushka Florence on feminine energy

On today’s Wisdom Wednesday I am joined by Anoushka Florence who is the author and founder of The Goddess Space. Inspired by her own spiritual journey, she went on a quest to create beautiful sacred spaces to support, hold and empower women. She’s worked with companies such as Facebook and Vogue and has travelled to some of the biggest festivals around the world to spread her intimate living room pop ups and honour her mission to bring people together in a special way.

Anoushka draws upon her ancestral wisdom, her life experiences and the spiritual teachings she has learnt along the way. She has trained women worldwide on how to hold their own circles, committing to the deep intention of reclaiming the circle and restoring this ancient feminine practice. Her new book, The Women’s Circle, is so beautiful and I found it totally fascinating to learn about why coming together is so central to our history as a species and yet has been lost in the power struggles that have dominated our evolution. 

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