The hidden factors impacting women's health with Dr Shazia Malik

In today's episode, I talk with Dr. Shazia Malik, a leading consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist based in London with expertise in reproductive medicine and surgery. Dr. Malik's impressive credentials include graduating with honours, pursuing advanced training in Cambridge, and gaining accreditation in reproductive medicine and surgery at the Distinguished University College Hospital in London. She has further honed her skills at renowned institutions like King's College Hospital and has emerged as an IVF consultant with extensive experience in reproductive health and fertility.

Our conversation delves into essential topics that often remain unaddressed, shedding light on gaps in our understanding of women's health.

Over the past year, my exploration of fertility has been fuelled by personal experiences and challenges, prompting me to uncover the often overlooked aspects of women's health. I've been continuously amazed by the gaps in our collective knowledge and realized that I'm not alone in lacking awareness of fundamental biological facts. Sadly, women's health remains underfunded and neglected, leaving many individuals uninformed about crucial biological processes and potential disruptions. While today's episode may diverge from our typical content, the significance of this topic compelled me to share these insights with you, and I hope you find value in our conversation.

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