Does your microbiome have the potential to improve your mental health? with Dr James Kinross

Get ready for an episode that dives deep into an unconventional yet groundbreaking topic—the power of poo. Today, we're joined by none other than Dr. James Kinross, a renowned microbiome scientist and author of the bestselling book "Dark Matter." In this enlightening conversation, we unravel the extraordinary research and evidence behind the microbiome's influence on our physical and mental health.

Dr. Kinross sheds light on the intricate world of microbiomes, emphasising their pivotal role in shaping health outcomes. We explore the exciting prospect of finding cures for diseases once deemed incurable, thanks to the latest advancements in microbiome research. A sneak peek into Dr. Kinross's bestselling book, "Dark Matter," where he breaks down complex scientific concepts into digestible insights. Delving into the surprising connection between our gut health and mental well-being, uncovering how the microbiome impacts our overall state of mind.

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