Will more “success” truly make you happier? Emma Gannon discusses

Today I am thrilled to be speaking to Emma Gannon, a close friend and prolific writer, best known for her bestselling books and hosting the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast. Currently, Emma lends her thought-provoking insights to the Hyphen newsletter, where she delicately explores the nuanced aspects of life. In her latest masterpiece, "The Success Myth," Emma takes us on a journey to unravel the myths surrounding success and its purported link to happiness. It's a common assumption that a bit more success equates to greater happiness, but Emma challenges this simplistic formula. Throughout the episode, she guides us towards a new path—one that promises not just success, but profound fulfillment. It's a path that diverges from conventional ideas of success, offering a refreshing perspective.

Emma doesn't claim to have all the answers; she's not a guru. Instead, she invites us to join her in an exploration, a thoughtful journey that challenges preconceived notions and encourages us to redefine our understanding of success. Her wisdom is not prescriptive but offers a lens through which we can navigate our own paths to fulfillment. Join us in this engaging conversation as Emma Gannon shares her unique insights, providing a fresh perspective on success and happiness. It's a discussion that will leave you pondering and, perhaps, viewing success through a different lens.

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